Jens Scheerlinck | e-Commerce and digital marketing in Ghent
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Hello, my name is Jens

I’m a marketeer by degree and a technology consultant by passion. I believe in strong brands that reflect their core values in every aspect of communication, in technology to sustain a competitive advantage in an ever rapidly evolving environment and in human interaction to make good ideas great.

In my work I respect that every company is different and continuously strive to come up with a solution tailored to my clients. Each new project is an adventure, with the goal of making your business better. For you and ultimately for your customers.

Currently I am working as a Technology Consultant at PwC Belgium, where I have been involved in Risk Assurance projects at Financial Institutions, primarily focusing on IT related controls testing, as well as a wide array of Data Analytics services for industry clients. Since 2016 I am working on Linked Open Data, Geospatial Information Systems and Semantic Interoperability projects for public sector clients such as the European Commission.


Tools of the trade

Having studied Applied Economics at Ghent University in Belgium  I was taught the basics of business and economics. During my first months attending university I became a freelance web developer, finally putting years of self-taught knowledge to good use. Since then I spent most of my time working with Time2Change and Bravooh! – where I fulfilled the role of Lead Developer. Currently I am working as a Technology Consultant at PwC.

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Clients I have worked with

Since starting back in 2011 I have had the pleasure of working with some great clients, if you’re interested in how I was able to help, just drop me a note below.




Today performing as well online as you do offline is crucial to creating a successful and future proof brand. I am able to help with every aspect of e-Commerce, from software through legal, payment methods and distribution.

IT Consulting

Technology is a vital part of every growing business. That’s why it’s important to have the right tools for the job. Together we see to it that these tools are integrated with your business, both on a technical and a human level.

Online Marketing

Getting the word out is key here. Let your customers and other stakeholders know what’s coming up, driving brand awareness, customer loyalty and ultimately sales. Yes, I help with that too!

Sales Advisor

With a lifelong passion for all things automotive I have developed profound knowledge of the automotive sector. Aided by my expertise in business and IT I am able to advice on prospect management and online sales channels.


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